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More about Foster "Adler" Eber

What does he do? Does he do things? Let's find out.

I am a full-time YouTube Content Creator. I run a YouTube Channel based off a anthropomorphic version of myself named "Adler the Eagle". I graduated with a BFA from Ball State University with a focus in Animation, and more specifically 2D Cut-Out-Style Animation. Since then I have honed my rig making skills pride myself on the efficient way I animate. since 2018 I have been making short animations on YouTube.

I also voice Adler in all of the shorts, and have gotten pretty good at Voice Acting in the process. I have done voice work on other projects such as "The Rhino and the Redbill"  I would love to do more voice acting, so for real hit me up on that E-Mail and I can make mouth sounds for you.

Alongside voice acting, I also have been mascoting since 2012, having played characters from Ball State's Mascot Charlie Cardinal, to my own costumed creation Adler. I've flown an airplane as a mascot, I've skied as a mascot, I can do like pretty much anything at this point I think. Probably not scuba diving though.

About Me: Bio
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